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Announcement – I got new www address:

Posted by aboutpipes on March 28, 2010

Here is my new www address:

Please update your bookmarks.

Dear pipe smokers, I have moved my blog with all its old and new entries to new www address which is now

Please update your bookmarks to :




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we are moving to new place:

Posted by aboutpipes on March 28, 2010

We are moving to new place:

Just a head-up’s. Please update your bookmarks to my blog form to

It looks I have more possibilities to add new functionalities and features to my blog.

I just need to figure out few things with new settings and all should be back to normal 🙂
Thank you for your patience !


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Pipe Racks

Posted by aboutpipes on March 25, 2010

Have you been thinking about racks or cabinets for your pipes recently?

Two cousins have some great selection of pipe racks and cabinets and I recommend you to visit them.

You can find something interesting in their catalog here

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“Not Quiet Nights – Not Contest” new entry by G. L. Pease

Posted by aboutpipes on March 23, 2010

Looking like, there will be some fun with that, so please if you’re interested visit Mr. Pease on

G. L. Pease

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Pipe Dreams – Cartoon 1938

Posted by aboutpipes on March 22, 2010

Real classic! The hear/see/speak no evil monkeys come to life from a small statue on a shelf. They find a pipe and smoke it, and enter a world where all manner of smoking paraphernalia comes to life. An interesting take on the perils of smoking and also nice cartoon.

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Russ Alan Pipes

Posted by aboutpipes on March 21, 2010

Here is a website of young and very talented pipe artist. If you haven’t seen his works, please do so.

Russ Alan Pipes

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Posted by aboutpipes on March 21, 2010

Yes, I’m still alive 😉 Haven’t quit my adventure with pipes and tobaccos! There is still much to explore.

Haven’t been writing since ages, due to live issues. But I promise to keep updating my blog and answering your messages!

As always thank you that you have stopped by.


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Smokers Forums

Posted by aboutpipes on April 11, 2009

Today I would like to write a little about amazing Forums that I am member of.

I have placed on my blog few links to that place I’m talking about a long time before, and now it’s the right time to write a bit more about that place.

Well, this place is one of the kind. I’m thinking and talking here about place called Smokers Forums – in my opinion a wonderful online community.

Smokers Forums

Smokers Forums

I have picked up smoking pipe in about October 2004. Just after that I have been looking for any informations about pipes, tobaccos which I love, and pipe smoking in general in many online places.

Well, I have found Smokers Forums and joined them in April 2005 for the first time. And since I have joined I was impressed with friendliness and great atmosphere of that place.

Then I have finished my studying and moved myself to London, thinking to start there something new there. I have been visiting Smokers Forums for quite a long time, but because of work and hard internet access, I’ve been quite rare visitor. That was a reason that my first account was deleted one day, but that’s not the point.  When I left my work, and was back home because of some personal issues I have joined  Smokers Forums again in March 2007.

Well, after all those years I’ve been there I must say this is very unusual place! one of the best places I ever been.  Pipesters here are so friendly, generous and helpful. I made some wonderful friendships there with people all over the world. Some great friendships! Thank you for that.

Smokers Forums is one of those places where you can ask and get an answer! So you don’t need to be afraid asking. Members are so friendly as I said before.  This is a place where you can learn so many things about pipe smoking, ie.  slow puffing, packing a pipe,  how to refurbish  an estate pipe, and many, many more!

Well, as always thank you for stopping by. I hope this little praise might encourage you to visit us at and maybe you might decide to become a member?


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